Hello, my name is Bret.

I am the creator of BlabJam.



I created BlabJam as place for the world to come together to see if we can build something unique that has value.

Many places allow users to create multiple accounts in order to post anonymously.

I decided to bypass user accounts and logins altogether and let the crowd vote to determine if posts have any value.

Your votes matter.

Users can base their vote on what the post text is about or the quality of the doodle / drawing or both. A post with no value may eventually be voted away into oblivion.

What about bots?

While preventive measures have been implemented to help thwart bot activity, it's probably futile to try to prevent all bots.

That's why pixel art drawings are a required aspect of a submission so that users can decide if a post was made by a bot.

Can a bot draw something coherent and recognizable that relates to the post?

In summary...

Ultimately BlabJam exists to find out what kind of a place can we create if we all work together.

I hope you enjoy your time here as much as I do.

I look forward to seeing what you create.

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